Universal fully configurable workstation

Universal fully configurable workstation

The universal fully configurable workstation (universelle freikonfigurierbare Arbeitsplatz) UfA 3000 from boschen & oetting offers the possibility to assemble an ergonomic, efficient and low-cost workstation from a large selection of components. Processes can be configured without programming knowledge. Components can be changed or added quickly and easily. Assembly steps can be easily added or ported from one workstation to another.
This makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the product.

Selection of possible components:

  • Screwing cell
  • Assembly unit
  • Riveting unit
  • HRC robots (human-robot collaboration)
  • Pick-by-Light
  • Camera for object recognition (vision sensor)
  • Code reader (1D/2D)
  • Cylinder (pneumatic)
  • Label printer
  • Labelling devices

Third-party applications such as sealant coating can also be carried out.

The workstations can be designed either as manual workstations or, for example, as interlinked line workstations via a conveyor belt.

Process and quality data can be recorded and logged on a boschen & oetting system computer or on the customer’s own systems.

System structure

Processes and operations are defined via a configurator and transferred to a master controller. This then assigns the corresponding operations to the system controls. Each system control can manage up to eight workstations. For smaller assembly lines, the system control can also take over the function of the master control.

Figure 1: Large system - with more than eight workstations

Figure 2: Small system - up to eight workstations

Figure 3: Configuration of the process sequence


Configuration can be done via a state-of-the-art web application that can be conveniently operated using a web browser. The configurator can be run on any computer. You only need a connection to the system control to transfer the configuration.

Figure 4: Operator guidance on a 12-inch touch panel

Operator guidance

Each workstation has a 12-inch control panel from Siemens. The console also includes operator guidance in addition to the usual operation and display.

The operator guidance instructions are specified in the configurator. The associated operating images are located on an SD memory card inserted in the control panel and can also be flexibly adapted or exchanged by the system operator.

Examples of use

Simple: Screwing station with hand scanner

Figure 5: Simple with hand scanner

With HRC robot, assembly station and screwdriver

Figure 6: With HRC robot

Semiautomatic with conveyor belt and assembly station

Figure 6: Semiautomatic with conveyor belt


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