We are your partner for automation projects and offer software solutions for industrial use in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Our core competence lies in integrated engineering of special-purpose machines, assembly lines, robot cells, assembly and measuring devices as well as line controllers.

Machine controls

  • b&o offers customised solutions for your machine control system from development, commissioning, and safety inspection to documentation and training.
  • The entire scope includes the creation of safety concepts as well as logistics and reworking concepts.
  • Our software solutions are developed in a holistic approach together with mechatronic engineering and include PLC programmes, visualisations, drive technology, machine vision and robotics.
  • We create the machine controls according to manufacturer standards such as BMW TMO V3, Daimler PPA V15, Audi/VW, our proprietary b&o standard or your individual specification.
  • We rely on proven control hardware and software from Siemens as our standard.

Robot applications

  • Robots increase the profitability, reliability and efficiency of your plant!
  • We have been developing robot applications for more than 25 years for all common industrial robots, primarily the Kuka and ABB family as well as HRC robots from Universal Robots. (HRC = human-robot collaboration)
  • For optimum system planning, we use simulation tools such as 3D simulation tools, offline programming tools and virtual commissioning.
  • Connect current technologies with your robot application, such as Pick & Place, cleaning, grinding, screwing and make your plant productive.
  • Whether you need several robots working in a team, moving on an external axis or processing workpieces on a turn-tilt unit, we have the right solution for every task!
  • It is possible to have both separate robot cells and to integrate the robots into assembly lines
  • Do you want to integrate robots into your production? HRC robots are specifically designed to cooperate safely with their operators. Even in tight spaces, our standard robot applications are “safe” thanks to Safe Operation technology.
  • Flexpicker or Scara robots are used for very short cycle times.
  • Would you like to operate several tools on one robot? We offer gripper changing systems and stations for fast automated tool changes.
  • Robot grippers are designed and assembled by us.

You can find more details under the Products section.

Measuring and testing technology

  • b&o develops customised fully or semi-automated measuring stations that can be integrated into a machine or designed as a stand-alone solution.
  • Force-displacement monitoring for assembly processes
  • Torque monitoring for screwing applications
  • Axial run-out, concentric run-out, frictional torque
  • Leak test
  • Electrical performance parameters of battery cells
  • MFU / MSA
  • Measurement technology applications (e.g. with Labview)

You can find more details under the Products section.

Image processing

  • Machine vision systems are the eyes of automation.
  • In order to identify products, check their quality or read codes, we use image sensors, identification systems and camera systems from well-known manufacturers and integrate them into our machine control.
  • Applications:
  • 2D, 3D image processing
  • Robot guidance and Bin Picking
  • Colour, pattern, dimension and position checking
  • Detecting and picking up components from running conveyors (vision+conveyor tracking)
  • Component testing with A

Line controllers

  • Dynamically configurable communication system unit between stations
  • Capture, evaluation and storage of component quality data
  • Capture, evaluation and storage of system data (operating states, faults, consumption data)
  • Display, export and import of data in various diagrams
  • Configurable reworking
  • Interface connection to higher-level systems
  • Customer-specific special requirements

High-level language programming

  • Programming in new and old high-level languages – C#, VB.Net, VB6, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python
  • Application of relational (SQL) and document driven databases
  • Functional and object-oriented programming with various architectures (e.g. microservices)
  • User interfaces as web app or desktop application

Robot simulation

  • We can design your robot application with the help of our 3D simulation software Robot Expert (Siemens).
  • The use of the simulation software makes it possible to check all important parameters of the system, such as cycle time, interference contours and reachability, as well as to determine the optimal robot position as early as the planning stage.
  • Continuous offline programming is possible in conjunction with other simulation tools.


Virtual commissioning / digital twin

  • Virtual commissioning aims to commission and test the software by using a digital model of the automation solution. This makes it possible to test the function of the machine in a purely virtual environment and to increase the delivery quality. The advantages are a shorter project lead times thanks to successfully pre-tested software and shorter commissioning times.
  • Once the digital system model has been created, it is possible to expand the automation solution in the future while production continues.
  • b&o uses the ISG-virtuos system to simulate the behaviour of the components, machines and systems being used, including the fieldbuses in use, in real-time deterministic control. It is possible to create a digital twin with this software.

Other services

  • Consulting and planning:
    • Concept creation
    • Drafting of specifications
  • Optimisation, expansion, renewal:
    • Integration of new series
    • Retrofitting
    • Cycle time optimisation
    • System optimisation
    • Hardware upgrades
  • Acceptance tests
    • Prism acceptance tests for Daimler AG
  • Measurements:
    • Sound level measurement
    • Bus measurements for Profinet, Profibus

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